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Fenland Classic Motorcycles

Warbike: British Military Motorcycling 1899-1919
By Martin Gegg
Price: £9.00

ISBN: 9781326406677

I Fidanzati Della Morte

Engaged to Death 

(DVD & Book)


Directed By Romolo Marcellini

Restored By RODDAGGIO Film


Price: £25.50



We have sold Over 400 copies of this book.

This Centenary Edition of this book offers a fascinating insight into the development of the Military Motorcycle from early Pioneers to the birth of the Despatch Rider and their use during WW1.

Painstaking research over three years resulted in access to the original War Office papers, documenting the purchase and testing of the first motorcycles for military use. Access to contemporary letters and articles also provides the first evidence of private motorcycles being used on manoeuvres leading to the concept of the Despatch Rider.


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Our Best Selling DVD in Dec 2017.

I Fidanzati Della Morte (Engaged to Death) is a tale of love rivalry and passion set in the 1950s  its a drama which also tells the story of Motorcycle Racing during the 1950’s. Shot in colour and released in 1957 it provides a unique insight into what many regard as the golden age of motorcycle racing.


Using actual footage of the last ever Milano-Taranto and the Monza Grand Prix. Contemporary racers Geoff Duke, Stanley Woods, Reg Armstrong, Dickie Dale, Ken Kavanagh, Bill Lomas, Enrico Lorenzette, Pierre Monneret and Walter Zella all appear in the film which also features bikes with their iconic “Dustbin” fairings which were due to be banned in Italian racing the year after the film was released.

After distribution across Europe in 1957 it was consigned to oblivion until Alessandro Marotto and Silva Fedrigo rescued and restored this masterpiece in 2017 as part of a crowd funding project supported by Fenland Classic Motorcycles.


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The Quest for King Dick: An Exploration of the Abingdon Works and their Products

By William Whiteley

Price: £17 


ISBN: 978-0244645625


Mondo Enduro

(DVD & Insert Booklet)


Directed By Austin Vince


Price: £17.00



Our Best Seller

Written by the VMCC Abingdon Marque Specialist, this exciting new book explores the history of the people and the Abingdon works that produced the iconic "KING DICK" brand of tools and Abingdon motor-cycles.

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ISBN: 9780244645625

Copyright: William Whiteley

First edition

Published: 07 November 2017

Language: English

Pages: 160

Binding: Paperback

Interior: Black & white

Dimensions (centimetres): 20.98 wide x 29.69 tall

The worlds most famous ordinary member of the public, Austin Vince narrates his first epic trip. Shot on his mum & Dad's Sony Hi8 video recorder and a miniature Super 8 film camera, the project was rejected by mainstream TV before eventually being taken up by the Discovery Channel. It has become a cult legend and a masterclass in adventure film making.


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Motor Bicycle Building


Edited By  Paul N. Hasluck

Price: £9.00


ISBN: None


Terra Circa



Directed By Austin Vince


Price: £17.00



Recently painstakingly recreated, this is a facsimile version of a book first published in 1906.


It is a unique record of how to build a motorcycle from scratch. Details of Frame building, casting, building a 3 1/2 HP Petrol Engine and carburettors are all included in this fascinating historic record.

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ISBN: Not Registered

Format: Facsimile of original

Published: 1906

Language: English

Pages: 160

Binding: Paperback

Interior: Black & white

Images: 137 Drawings

Dimensions (centimetres): 15.00cm wide x 21.50cm tall

Terra Circa was the name given by Dave Greenhough to his around the world (London to New York) motorcycle venture launched in May 2001.


Dave had been a keen motorcyclist as a child and was understandably jealous when aged only 18 he had to wave off elder brother Clive on Mondo Enduro.


Travel with Dave, Austin & Gerald Vince  and the gang on this 20,000 mile bike trip from London to New York via Europe Russia and Japan.


The first bikers to travel from Europe into Russia and 392 miles of mud and swamp of Eastern Siberia finally crossing the infamous "Zilov Gap"


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Time: 6 x 20 Minute Episodes


Music Extracts


Mondo Enduro Trailer

Roadside USA Trailer


Brooklands Grand Prix:

The Initial Years


By  Roger Bird

Price: £12.50

ISBN: None

Mondo Sahara