The Shed

Welcome to The Shed. Here you will find a wealth of information about pre WW2 Motorcycles and maybe a few street custom machines too. This is the place to share information about your restorations as well as learn more about our projects. We are also building a virtual museum where you can learn more about British Motorcycles.


In Search of ABC

I have recently been documenting the rebuild of Brooklands Museum's ABC. The motorcycle is a 1921 398cc ABC designed by Granville Bradshaw. It is somewhat unique in its design having front and rear leaf springs and horizontally 0pposed cylinders, reputedly later copied by BMW.

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Burman Gearbox 


These Gearboxes originally specified a first fill of 800g of grease  or a Grease/Oil mix.

We supply a Semi-Fluid Grease which does not separate in use. This is not available by post, but is on our stall at Kempton & Ardingly.

This film shows the stages of stripping a Burman CP Gearbox, but you may need to turn down the sound as there is no commentry. We would advise taking it slowly and gloves are always a good idea 

This film shows the reasembly of the CP Gearbox and does have commentry up to inserting the gears then tails off !. I was once told by a very wise man, that you seldom assemble a Burman gearbox once during a resto. What we like about this film is it doesent just skip over the challenging bits.


An amazing film of a Magneto Resto/Rebuild.