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A Discreet and Dependable Service

What is the Service:

This is a new service to enable collectors and their families to realise cash when they most need it. We will pay cash for pre-1960 parts and other motorcycle related memorabilia such as Trophies and photographs. 

When to Use:

Changes in circumstances sometimes means there is need to downsize quickly or dispose of property with little or no time to find a home for parts and collections. We can be approached immediately for a valuation or our details provided to family members, Executors or Solicitors for an appropriate time in the future. We carry out quick valuations and pay out on collections


Why to Use:

Over the past few years we have heard numerous stories about circumstances where collections of motorcycle parts and other items have been dumped because the owner was unable to make arrangements to sell or; as is more often the case those with Power of Attorney or Executors have no idea parts and memorabilia have a value and dump the items which are lost for ever bringing their owners or estate no income.

What do we Take:

We believe that everything has a value.  We will therefore take most things. We will take small collections such as a box or two of parts to shed and storage unit collections of Pre-1960s items. We will take larger items such as Engines Frames and complete motorcycles. We are unable to take magazines or tools but will consider books and posters.

How Much does it cost:

This is a FREE no obligation service. The valuation is free because it represents a fair and realistic value for the items taking into consideration transport storage and potential auction fees.

Our Values:

We are Passionate about preserving old motorcycles for future generations. We provide a Discreet and Dependable service. We are experienced in working with Solicitors, Personal Representatives and family members and can provide a Fair and Honest appraisal.

If you want to find out more drop us a line at

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