Warbike: British Military Motorcycling 1899-1919 Centenary Edition

Item number: FCM/B/002

This is the story of British Military Motorcycling from the pioneering days of the 1890s until the end of the First World War. Using original War Office documents contemporary reports and photographs the Author guides the reader though the evolution of the Despatch Rider as a vital cog in the military wheel.

Read how a pioneer cyclist developed the concept of the Despatch Rider and took on a cautious War Office immersed in the transition from horse-power to mechanised transport.

The author moves from the historic backdrop of Brooklands Circuit to the barren landscape of the military Front, telling the story of those men and women volunteers who took their motorcycles to War for the first time.

Old Bike Mart Says: "Well Written and Historically accurate, Warbike is a great read for anyone interested in the history of motorcycling and the motorcycle's vital WW1 role"