Lucas King of the Road Calcia Club carbide/acetylene lamp

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Item number: FCM/ABL/0001


From 1903 Lucas began producing carbide/acetylene lamps for motor-cars. Acetylene gas lamps produce and burn acetylene(C2H2) created by the reaction of calcium carbide(CaC2) with water. They were more resistant to weather than oil lamps.

This is a very fine example of a Calcia Club produced for bicycles and early motorcycles and were produced into the 1930s. This particular example is in very good condition and appears to be complete including the calcium carbide mixing chamber parts which are very often rotted away. The springs and adjuster on the fixing hinge are complete and working although there is some damage to the plating at this point (see last image) All other adjusters are in place and working. Also in place and undamaged is the glass and jet. Overall the nickel plating is good and showing no signs of ware except as described above.


This item is in an as found condition and has not been cleaned. It has not been tested and therefore we cannot make any guarantees as to its working order. However, this is one of the best  and complete examples we have seen.