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Gearbox Grease, Semi-Fluid

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Item number: FCM/A/0055

This is a Blend of Solvent Refined Mineral Oils, brown in colour and as the name suggests is semi-fluid in nature. This grease is increasingly being used in oil gearboxes where leakage has become a problem!

Recommended for Burman Gearboxes and any box that specifies grease or a mix of oil and grease. This product has the advantage of not separating. We have stripped boxes where the grease has been thrown to the edge of the casing and the oil leaked out or was never there in the first place. The result is poorly lubricated gears prone to excessive wear. 



Technical Specification

Our semi-fluid grease is manufactured by a major oil manufacturer with over 150 years’ experience. This grease has been designed for centralised lubrication systems. They are also suitable for anti-friction and plain bearings subjected to high load conditions and gearboxes designed to operate with a semi-fluid grease.

Excellent extreme pressure and anti-wear performance and a high degree of corrosion protection.

Colour:                                               Brown

NLGI Consistency:                           00

Thickener:                                         Lithium

Base:                                                  Blend of Solvent Refined Mineral Oils

Base Oil Viscosity                            180

@ 40°C (cSt):

Resistance to                                    0-0

Corrosion EMCOR:

Four Ball Weld                                    315

Load (Kgs):

Operating Temperature                   -30 to +110

Range (°C):