I Fidanzati Della Morte (Engaged to Death)

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I Fidanzati Della Morte (Engaged to Death) is a tale of love rivalry and passion set in the 1950s  its a drama which also tells the story of Motorcycle Racing during the 1950’s. Shot in colour and released in 1957 it provides a unique insight into what many regard as the golden age of motorcycle racing.

Using actual footage of the last ever Milano-Taranto and the Monza Grand Prix. Contemporary racers Geoff Duke, Stanley Woods, Reg Armstrong, Dickie Dale, Ken Kavanagh, Bill Lomas, Enrico Lorenzette, Pierre Monneret and Walter Zella all appear in the film which also features bikes with their iconic “Dustbin” fairings which were due to be banned in Italian racing the year after the film was released.

After distribution across Europe in 1957 it was consigned to oblivion until Alessandro Marotto and Silva Fedrigo rescued and restored this masterpiece in 2017 as part of a crowd funding project supported by Fenland Classic Motorcycles.